A rule consists of tests which are written in a pipe separated list. The tests are validated one by one and if one is invalid, the entire rule fails. A test consists of an attribute and a comma separated string of parameters. The parameters are also validated one by one however if just one parameter passes, the entire test is valid.

platform:iOS,OS X|match:\bWebKit\b|location:GB,US,FR

  • If the current device's operating system is iOS or OS X and
  • If the user agent string contains the string 'WebKit' and
  • If the current user is either in Great Britain, United States or France

If each test is valid, the rule passes and the user is redirected to the associated path's URL.

Attribute Parameters Usage
browser Browser names. browser:Chrome
device Mobile device names (includes tablets). device:iPhone,iPad
is Browsers, platforms and devices. is:Mobile,Desktop
location Country codes. location:GB,US
match Regular expressions for user agent string. match:\bWebKit\b
platform Operating systems. platform:iOS,AndroidOS
version Underscore separated string in the order of an OS, operator and a comparitive version. version:iOS_>=_8.0